Empower: Motive and Happy Smiles

Just wanted to share a few thoughts during my 9 months being prego. When I found out that I was prego with my 2nd child I was happy... but what I was not happy with.. OMG I am going to gain plenty weight!!!

Yes baby weight... well after the a few months of being prego I continue to do my work outs and yes doing Muay Thai boxing. There were times that I wanted to quit, but I could not let my self do that. If I did then I would be letting down my unborn child.

As in my 8th month was coming.. it was harder and harder to move I did my last Muay Thai work with with my trainer "Josh" and boy it was hard, but I love every min. Now looking back my daughter is 3 months I can honestly say that it was worth every step of the way.

Now I am getting back into the saddle and the weight will come off as time goes on. I just have to remind myself. Until then... hit those bags and run the hills!

From this whole experience that what fuels me is working out and doing Muay Thai, this sport has spark something in me that has me ever more hype then before. It has helps me hone into my creative process to tap in of what I was not aware of. So if you want to do something new just do it!