Material Design (Say What??)

This is very interesting reading about using Google's Material Design into Apple's iOS designs.

As a visual designer it is always awesome to get new information how to transfer movement in different forms. As I am learning about my own process, which it is the hardest form to complete. To me it is like trying to find the perfect black dress or the right fitted jeans (in women's world), on the men's side... its like getting that perfect lay up or the perfect pitch.
What I have discover is looking at some amazing pieces and movements. Once I find something I like I take a movie of with my iphone. Whenever I have time I would watch it over and over to see how everything changes or how I am able to use it? What sort of ideas can I come up with. While I am watching the video that I took... I try and picture what colors would look good or what if I did this or that. Once I have an idea, pen and paper are my best friend. I do wire frames first. I lived with the wire frames for about a few days, look at them again. Each time I look at them I find something that I can change or improved. So far... I have change my wire frames 4-9 times or more. The more and more I change.. I see different ways how I can improve it. While I am changing my wire frames, I put in a few colors and see how it would look.
Some color looks nice and others don't work out. But what is the most important for me is how the wire frames are telling a story. The story changes a lot, that is okay.. pretty soon I will have a nice ending!