This year?

As I mention a couple posts back what will be my goal for this year. I have made the dive. I have enrolled in a program call for UX. As a visual designer it always nice to have an open minded about learning new skills. So far I have complete my 1st week of homework and let me know tell you, it was fun but hard work. I learn more about "usability" what are the defining points: Learnability - Efficiency - Memorability- Errors - Satisfaction

The main lesson is solving the problem and learning the most ten important lessons:

Visibility of system status
Match between system and the real world
User control and freedom
Consistency and standards
Error prevention
Recognition rather than recall
Flexibility and efficiency of use
Aesthetic and minimalist design
Help users recognize, diagnose and recover from errors
Help and documentation

More to come!




Terri Rodriguez-HongComment