Give a Smile

Everyday we are face with being positive or trying to stay positive. We all have our own issues, our internal battles with work, life or just that silly voice you listen to you in your head. I know I have done it. Most say I am the most positive person they know. General I am the most upbeat person that is just me, but at times I do get down. When I get like this, I tried to think that I am not the only one in this world who feels like that. When I feel down. I check in with my friends who I have not talk for awhile trying to reach out. They need help with something. So I offer to be here for them after our talk we both feel better. So remember you are not alone.

This is coming out of left fielding and I have been thinking about this I'm gonna starting write a few articles about motherhood, work and life balance style, getting new skills, never too late to learn, finding the right path. I know that is a lot. I don't remember but I read some where when you start writing... I'm gonna suck at it. That is ok with me... as long I am writing about something. Just as you start something new polish and more polish, but going back to topic. I came across this article about quotes. The list is amazing. Made my day.