Terri Rodriguez-Hong
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Happy Binoculars is a place where I can put where life is and what it takes us.

Family Time

This two weeks have been awesome seeing family that I have not seen for a long time. It is good to take break from work or anything that your doing. Once you drop what your doing and get involve with "life" stuff starts to happen when your getting back into your routine. I have learn even more to be patience and stop those "wall blocks" in my head.
After my Auntie from Hawaii visit me. She always has something positive to say and she is always right. I advise everyone to have wise people in your life. The more you hang around them the more insight you will get. One thing about my Auntie she is always telling me... "you have to serve others, you can not serve yourself all the time. In this world you have to see others for what they are, really take a look at them" she gives great counsel on any issue. 
What I have learn the most from her is... no matter where you came from everyone starts from the same place. It does not matter if your movie star, big shot super athlete, or even a CEO. What matters is how you act and treat people. They will not remember what you say, they will remember what you do.
So from past two weeks being love by family and seeing friends possible for over 20 years. The greatest moments are the ones you create your story.