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iTune Apps: story

The iTune store is a candy store to most adults and I am one of them. As a visual designer I want to design simple apps/responsive websites/mobile for people to make "everyone" life easier if possible. We get so much information targeting at our heads, from dropping off your kids to going to food shopping while we are on the phone talking and texting. Everyone has busy schedules and we have to make appointments to remember our "own" appointments. I know it sounds a little bit silly.
We want to see what is the latest and greatest app that will help our workflow and life. But how do we decide if its worth a download... yes it is. You don't know if you don't try. Just as my mother would tell me when I was little, you have to try it then you can tell me if you don't like it. So hence... let's try.
Going through the process of making a simple app is not easy task at hand, but it is an awesome experience that I have learned a great deal to open up new ideas. Such as starting out with one idea and having wire frames with this idea... but then another idea pops in and "Boom Boom Bang... a creation is born!" Until now it is still in review in the iTune store.... it is a waiting game until they approve the app (finger nail biting) ... nah I don't do that.
Create and make art, draw or just read books, go out and do something fun. Life is here and it is waiting for you to explore!
Hana Hou!!!

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