Acting at the sweet spot between UI/UX to create simple & clean work for humans.


This is about my bio/about page

Volleyball fan, has a Polynesian soul, An avid Muay Thai boxer addict and holistic designer Performing at the junction of design and to craft meaningful ideas. I am an UI/UX designer. I began my education at Sonoma State University where I earned a BA. At a later time, I obtained an MFA from the University of Hawai`i. Though a California Bay Area native, I am a kama’aina at heart (kama means ‘child’ and ‘aina means ‘land’, for the love of the culture and what people has shown me).

"I truly grew up creatively in Hawai`i. The culture of the people and how they respect, and nurture the land they live on, in turn, it will take care of you. I believe that exact thing should apply to anyone or anything.”

As any kama’aina we care.