This idea started when my family was on vacation for our son's 3rd birthday at Disneyland. While taking a bunch of photos of our family and scenery; a stranger wanted the image/photo I had taken of the park. The problem was, I did not want to give out my personal information. This is why I developed this app to protect personal information while sharing photos with anyone. I created the UX and design. A developer is in the process of coding the app.



To help find a way to either bundle photos or individual photo to anyone without utilizing personal information for the end user.

Survey: (I ask ten people)
I ask random people on the Caltrain when they go on vacation how do they share pictures.
Q1.  Do they use their phone or camera?
Q2. Do they send a photo through email?
Q3. Do they share photos through Facebook?
Q4. Do they text photos to family/friends?
Q5. Do they share any photos with a person they just met?

Results of survey found that many people do share photos with family, friends, and a stranger who they may meet anywhere. So, how do they share that photo without compromise your personal information?